Abortion Aftercare


Abortion has become a common experience of many women in this country. Each year +20% of pregnancies are voluntarily terminated.

While society at large argues a variety of issues surrounding abortion, little consideration is being given to the negative emotional and psychological side effects that some women experience after (even years after) an abortion.

Either because of fear of judgment or for other reasons, many women are reluctant to discuss their post-abortion experiences and emotions. This can result in a lonely and silent struggle that is unhealthy, and may manifest itself in a variety of negative ways.

At EnGedi Life Care, we provide a safe environment in which you are free to express and explore these experiences. As part of this therapy, your thoughts, feelings, and emotions are validated as a normal and genuine experience, without judging your choice.

Through abortion aftercare therapy, a variety of strategies are employed and tailored to your particular needs and situation. This in turn can help you manage these negative emotions in order to move into a healthy healing process.

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